Project development

Property project development requires a range of specialist expertise.

AMP organises and manages the development phases on behalf of the project owner, from obtaining planning permission to arranging financing, to signing leases and final sale, if required.

AMP will put in place a multidisciplinary team of contractors based on the needs of the project.

Development involves the following:

  • Land banking/acquisition
  • Definition of the project schedule
  • Selection of contractors (including via architectural or urban planning competitions)
  • Supervision of preliminary plans and technical and financial optimisation
  • Procurement of planning permissions (zoning plans, building permits, etc.)
  • Calculation of costs
  • Establishment of project accounts
  • Search for end investors (if necessary)
  • Invitation to tender to building firms
  • Negotiation and execution of land acquisition, sales contracts and construction contracts

AMP is not a developer or a builder, which means the client (whether public or private) can retain and enjoy the value added generated by the development project.