Project management

The term project management can seem vague at first. In reality, it’s a rich, varied and complex area that requires a wide range of skills and experience.

In essence, it involves the establishment of a strategy for the project with a clear definition of its main phases.

AMP does the following:

Preliminary phase

  • Establishment of a general strategy

  • Clarification of project issues and segmentation

  • Creation of a road map and overall schedule

  • Budget forecasting

  • Identification of the internal and external resources required

Study and planning phase

  • Market research

  • Sociological studies

  • Urban planning

  • Architecture, including competitions if desired

  • Specialist engineers

  • Quantity surveying

Implementation/construction phase

  • Invitation to tender to building firms

  • Award of works contracts

  • Establishment of implementation schedules

  • Supervision of construction work

  • Direction of project handover operations

  • Final accounts

  • Final project documentation

Operations phase

  • Search for service providers, and facilities management and general maintenance contracts

  • Assistance in operations contracts

  • Continued or ad hoc support in management of completed building or facility