Project development

Property project development requires a range of specialist expertise.

AMP organizes and conducts the development phases on behalf of the owner until building permits are obtained, financing is put in place, leases are signed if necessary, and eventually the final sale is made, if desired by the owner or the community.


AMP puts in place a multidisciplinary team of agents according to the needs of the projects.

The main activities of the development are the following:


  • Reservation - Land control

  • Definition of the functional program of the operation

  • Selection of contractors (possibly architectural or urban planning competitions)

  • Management of preliminary projects and technical and economic optimization

  • Obtaining building permits (neighborhood plan, building permit...)

  • Calculation of costs

  • Establishment of the financial balance sheet of the operation

  • Search for final investors (if needed)

  • Tender to construction companies

  • Negotiation and signing of land acquisition, sales and construction contracts


AMP does not act as a developer or builder, but allows the client (public or private) to retain and benefit from the added value generated by the development of the operation.

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