Advice & assistance

The success of a project is determined in large part by the strategy and approach adopted for its implementation.

  • Private sector operators may feel they need support in establishing the right methodology for implementing their projects.
  • Public sector organisations often have high-quality sites or exciting ideas with strong political support. However, it is still vital to adopt the correct approach in order to achieve the desired goals.

AMP draws on its expertise and experience to guide clients and ensure the success of their projects.

For example, should a client hold an architectural competition and put in place public financing? Or should it launch a call for expression of interest from investors/operators, but maintain control of the land through surface rights only?

How can a client ensure that competitive tendering and public contract requirements are met without public funds making up the entirety of financing?

Should a municipality sell its assets and concentrate its resources on strategic needs or remain a property owner?

AMP offers a wide range of services in terms of delegation and assistance to the client.

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